Quality Policy

Our commitment to quality software solutions is evident not only through the success of our clients, but also in the cultivation of specific quality control systems based on the SEI CMM recommendations. In addition, INTRICE is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company, further establishing our company as a quality-first organization.

For those unfamiliar with ISO 9001:2000, it's the recognition that our company has stable and predictable business processes, that we have met or exceeded strict quality standards and that we agree to adhere to these standards throughout every phase of a project's development. It's a sign that the very quality procedures we created to cover design, development, quality assurance, testing, and release procedures go above and beyond the call of duty.


Our Commitment, Your Advantage

Being a Russian company that works heavily in U.S. and European technology sectors, we have a clear understanding of our role... to bring your company success. By providing high quality IT services, on time and at lower than market prices, we help our clients get to market faster and with more stability than other providers.

To ensure quality from the ground up we are using the SEI CMM model's techniques for planning, testing, project management, requirements and configurations. To complement this, we also apply techniques to control and measure our performance and process quality to scope out opportunities for further improvement and improved technology.

Quality at Every Turn

Many clients don't understand the level of quality that goes into the building of their applications but they have certainly come to appreciate the difference it has made to their bottom line. Every employee, regardless of position, adheres to our own internal standards of quality and those in management focus on keeping the working environment favorable for the benefit of both our staff and client base.

Our interwoven quality control system not only helps us to streamline a product's development, but also to:

  • Provide high quality projects that exceed expectations and come in on-time and on-budget;
  • Reduce client risk by providing a predictable and controlled development process;
  • Focus on dynamic solutions by concentrating on the tasks at hand in the most efficient way possible.

Quality You Can Rely On

Everyone touts quality but at Intrice, we deliver. It's more than just some fancy slogan or open-ended process. From the day we start developing your application to the day we deliver it, your project will be embraced by a Quality Control Department dedicated specifically to overseeing a quality-based process. Combining our ISO 9001:2000 certification, our commitment to SEI/CMM quality models, and our own internal principles, we're able to provide a more reliable solution to our clients.

While successful product development requires synergy from many different processes and functions, the three most important factors are:

1. Process Quality

INTRICE employs a team of dedicated professionals who have extensive experience in process engineering. As a result, all of our company processes have been optimized according to the SEI CMM model's recommendations to ensure smooth development. We have also instated a Quality Control Department that remains independent from any Project Leader to supervise our entire software development process. This gives us an unbiased and unaffected view as to the level of quality being provided to each of our clients.

2. Technology Quality

To ensure that our clients can compete in the ever-changing marketplace, we are committed to staying up to date with the very latest in IT technologies and tools. In fact, our Research Department was created specifically to study changing trends, harness new technology, and ensure that we work with the newest tools and applications. This not only provides our clients with the most powerful solution possible, but also the assurance that their tasks will be solved with state-of-the-art technology and not out-dated archaic methods.

3. Personnel Quality

At INTRICE, we understand that an application's success relies on the very people behind it. This is why we are committed to employing only the most professional, experienced, and talented personnel possible. Apart from our strict recruiting standards, we provide a welcomed environment for self-improvement and team-oriented thinking. We pay close attention to the cooperation between management and our corps of specialists so that we maintain a high level of synergy throughout. This has not only helped us to build a foundation for communication and efficiency, but it's also one of the reasons why we have become a leader in the offshore outsourcing industry.

Even with all of our quality control certifications, methods and personnel, the fact remains that you want the best product possible on time and on budget...and this is where we excel. In short, thanks in part to our quality guidelines, your application will work properly the first time and every time, the tasks we perform on your behalf will be accomplished with the utmost professionalism, and we'll be there for the long term to support you and your business.

To learn more about INTRICE's services, please see our Services area, Technology & Solutions area, or contact us for more information.

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