Support Policy

To complement the power and flexibility of software development and IT services, we have made two different support programs available to our clients.


Free Support Program

If a project or set of tasks that we're performing are short-term, then we provide free support for a period of six months. This not only gives our clients the confidence that our solution will remain reliable, but also the assurance that we'll be there for:

  • Consulting and providing assistance to the customer;
  • Fixing bugs or performance glitches;
  • Making minor changes and additions.

We understand that it is sometimes necessary to make changes while working on the outsourcing project or after seeing it in action. As such, minor changes that don't require the redesign of any technical components of the system are performed with no additional charge.

Specialized Support

In most cases, Internet projects and system administration tasks are not short-term (built and delivered), but rather constantly developed and improved. When you need ongoing access to support this level of development and growth, INTRICE can undertake the entire technical support aspect of your online business.

This may include:

  1. Supporting System Expansion - we can modify the core technical aspects of an application, extend its capabilities, add new features, research new opportunities, and enhance its functionality.
  2. Support Upon Request - we can provide a team of dedicated developers that will be focused on your project and provide immediate attention to all support requests.
  3. Server Maintenance and System Administration - we can provide everything from server configuration and daily monitoring to hacker protection and other server-based requests.

Similar to our free support policy for short-term projects, our support of your online business can also include free technical consultations, bug fixing, and minor tweaks and changes that do not require reworking of technical components of the system free of charge.

To learn more about INTRICE's services, please see our Services area, Technology & Solutions area, or contact us for more information.

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