Offshore Outsourcing Interaction

Our main means of offshore communication with customers are Internet (e-mail, ICQ) and telephone. Personal meetings at our office or in the customer's location are very good for partnership relations too.

The following is an offshore outsourcing interaction scheme that we practice:

Offshore Outsourcing Interaction Scheme

As the figure shows, the customer can communicate with two representatives of the company: Top Manager and Project Leader.

Top Manager is the person in charge of solving all organizational and financial problems that arise while working on a project. At the organization step, the Customer only communicates with the Top Manager.

After the organization step, we form a team led by the Project Leader for each particular project. The Project Leader is subordinate to the Top Manager and is responsible for the organizational and technical sides of the project. The Leader can discuss technical issues with the Customer, a representative, or employees of the Customer. This scheme allows us to provide quick reaction to any problems that may occur.

Inside of the company, the Leader manages the team of developers, as well as communicates with the Testing Department, Graphical Design Department, and System Administration Department. Each department has its particular tasks. The Top Manager controls the results of business outsourcing process and takes part in quality control. You can learn more about the quality control system in the Quality Policy section.


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