Working on the Outsourcing Project

All projects differ in details, and outsourced projects are not an exception, but there is a similar sequence of steps in management outsourcing project that suits most cases:

Let us see each step of business outsourcing process in more details:


Organizational Step

At this step we get a Request For Proposal (RFP) from the Customer. The Customer may either give us a general idea, or provide a detailed description. We thoroughly analyze the Customer's information and prepare a proposal given to the Customer as a set of documents:

  1. Business Proposal - contains our proposal on prices and terms of project completion. Business Proposal also contains a general description of our company, and information about our offshore outsourcing experience in development of similar projects.
  2. Project Concept - contains general concept of the outsourced project: project business purpose, users, functions, etc.
  3. Estimate and Schedule - these documents provide detailed estimate of the project and the schedule of the development. In Estimate, we divide the project into types of work, tasks, and subtasks. For each task we estimate the hours it is supposed to take. Schedule provides the exact dates when each task is performed.

Then we start discussion with the Customer. During the discussion, the requirements for the outsourced projects, price, and terms may change. The whole pre-start process is interactive: the Customer receives our proposal and gives comments; we analyze the comments and provide the updated proposal.

If the project is not very big, the amount of documents sent to the Customer can be reduced. For example, for solving a small problem, we can provide only one email containing our proposal, estimate, and the description of what should be done.

The ultimate result of the organizational step will be an approved Business Proposal and Project Concept that suits both sides. Then, after signing the IT outsourcing contract, we start implementing the project according to the schedule.

Implementation Step

At this step the project is implemented according to the schedule. As a rule, implementation consists of the following steps:

  1. Designing. At this stage the system is designed and divided into small tasks. This is an important part of the software development process, because it directly affects the end-product's quality.
  2. Implementing. At this stage we do programming (coding), graphical designing, and perform other tasks.
  3. Internal testing, debugging.
  4. Preparing the documentation on the project for the Customer.

The steps 3 and 4 can be executed at the same time as the step 2. If the project is big, it is possible to deliver intermediary versions of the software.

Support Step

Once the project is completed and delivered, the support step starts. At this step we fix the bugs that the Customer finds and give consultations about the project.

Our company's support policy is described on the Support Policy page.

When the Customer is satisfied with the product or in accordance with IT outsourcing contract, we send our invoice. If the order is big, it is necessary to perform initial payment and intermediary payments during the development.

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